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Mr. Glow Express Car Wash is an express car wash that utilizes state of the art SpinLite® equipment, and we are dedicated to bringing you the best car wash experience imaginable.

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Mon-Sat: 8am - 8pm
Sunday: 8am - 6pm

Experience Soft Touch - the SpinLite Car Wash difference.
SpinLite Car Wash Tunnel with car covered in wax and soap suds

A Better Way to Wash

Our state of the art SpinLite® equipment utilizes a self supporting design that allows the wash material to spin at 1/3 the speed of other wash systems resulting in 4 times the touch to deliver a cleaner, shinier finish.

Spinlite® also has a unique feature that allows us to confirm your wash package throughout the wash process using LED lights mounted in and on our equipment ensuring you receive the services you have paid for. When you select a wash it will represent a color that will follow you from the menu board at the payment kiosk until you are through the dryers.

Free Vacuums

Mr. Glow Express Car Wash features FREE access to the cutting edge AutoVac L3 Vacuum Arches, offering and advanced cleaning system that makes it easy to reach all areas of your vechile.

Each arch includes trash bins to dispose of any garbage in your vehicle, as well mat holders that can be utilized to deep clean your car mats. The L3 Arch Long Reach series allows for hose length suitable to reach all areas of your vehicle. Each vacuum station allots two vacuum hoses, one on either side of your vehicle, making it incredibly easy to vacuum both sides of your car.

Free Car Vacuums and car mat cleaning at Mr. Glow Express Car Wash
DRB Express Pay Car Wash Terminal interface and fast pass reader

Convenient Self-Pay Terminals

Mr. Glow utilizes DRB System's Xpress Pay Terminal® that works as a self pay station, giving you the ability to select your desired wash level and pay using cash, credit, or gift cards.

Our user friendly interface is available in both English and Spanish. The system will guide you through selecting a wash level and any available upgrades you wish to add on to your wash. Monthly unlimited plans are available, and you will be provided with a small tag for your windshield that our FastPass reader will scan, making for a fast and easy transaction.

People are Talking

"My kids love the lights in the tunnel!! Their new equipment is amazing! Gives the car a beautiful glow! Thank you Mr glow car wash for making my car shine!"

Five star review

Cheyanne S.

"Well this place got me with their vacuums. I have went to multiple different car washes and the vacuums always suck. This one on the other hand will have your interior looking like new."

Five star review

Nico N.

"Best car wash in South Florida by far. I love having a clean car and I've been to every car wash that I can find on Google maps...I will always stay a member here."

Five star review

Ryan B.

Presentation is everything. Keep your car glowing non-stop with a Monthly Unlimited FastPass!

With prices starting at just $25 per month, there's no excuse to have a dirty car.

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