About Us

We are a Lake Worth based car wash that aims to provide a quick, thorough, and most importantly - enjoyable car wash experience.

Mr. Glow Express Car Wash building from street

The Mr. Glow Difference

Getting your car washed shouldn't feel like a chore. That's why we strive to make it something to look forward to.

What makes us the best car wash in town? Our brand new Spinlite wash tunnel is exclusive to Palm Beach County and unrivaled in the industry. Additionally, we offer free state of the art vacuums for our customers to ensure your car is clean inside and out. As everyone knows, customer service can also be a real difference maker in whether or not your experience is a positive one. Our friendly staff and fun atmosphere aims to create an efficient, entertaining adventure. Mr. Glow will truly get your car so clean that it GLOWS!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your car wash automatic or touch free?

Our wash is a conveyorized 100 foot tunnel with brand new Belanger Spinlite wash equipment. The SpinMitt wash media rotates at 1/3 the speed of traditional fast spinning equipment at a regular car wash. Then end result? Our Spinlite system gives you a quiet wash experience while getting your car cleaner and shinier than our competitors
We do not offer handwash or detail services. We do, however, clean the exterior of your vehicle with our brand new state of the art Spinlite wash system. You will also be given a dash wipe as you enter our 100 foot wash tunnel and vacuums are FREE for wash customers.
We accept both Cash & Credit
Yes, gift cards can be purchased at the pay kiosk in $25/$50/$75/$100 increments and come with a FREE wash. Gift cards can also be purchased online or in our office for any amount and come with an extra 20% card value (ie buy $50 get $60). Follow this link to purchase a gift card online.
We do not offer a rain check guarantee, but we do offer monthly unlimited wash plans starting at just $25 per month. There’s never an excuse to have a dirty car with our Glow ‘n Go unlimited wash program!
Please let us know if your wash is ever unsatisfactory. We will be happy to rewash you for free.
Tipping is not necessary or encouraged.
We offer FREE state of the art vacuums for our wash customers to use themselves at their own leisure.
Yes, the vacuums are always free for our unlimited plan members and cash customers.
Each membership is assigned to just one vehicle.
Yes, if you need to suspend your membership just let us know and we will deactivate the automatic recharge until you’re ready to start washing again.
You can cancel your membership by letting us know at least 7 days prior to your next billing date. You can stop in, call or email us notification.
“RFID” or Radio Frequency Identification is a small windshield decal that allows our unlimited plan members fast access through our pay terminals. The tag tells us info about your vehicle and what wash plan is assigned to it.
Yes your antenna will be okay. Some aftermarket products such as CB and cell phone antennas should be removed before washing; we will gladly attend to this when you arrive.
Our wash tunnel will unlikely remove road tar or tree sap. If you ask us, or if we notice a spot or two, we will use a special cleaner to remove it for you. If you have multiple spots all over the car we suggest taking it to a detail specialist.
The maximum height of vehicles we can wash is 7ft 2in. The maximum width is 8.5ft at any part of the vehicle.
We can wash most vehicles as long as they meet are height and width requirements and are safe to be sent through our carwash.

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With prices starting at just $25 per month, there's no excuse to have a dirty car.

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